When Drs Adam & Michelle Wilson shared their vision of transferring their expertise and skills as Osteopaths into the spa and wellness industry with long time friends, their dream of Relinque Urban Retreat & Spa was brought to life.

Our Vision

Relinque Urban Retreat & Spa was established in 2021 by its founders Drs Adam and Michelle Wilson.  Their vision was to create a world class, holistic retreat and spa, where guests indulge in personalised, wellness experiences to refocus, rebalance and restore.

“Relinque Urban Retreat & Spa offers a totally unique approach to treatment and will transform your spa experience.  By carefully integrating what we have learnt as Osteopaths over the past 25 years into all of our treatments, we are able to provide a much deeper and meaningful level of care and expertise”.

Dr Adam Wilson (Osteopath)

A Holistic Urban Retreat

Our vision of providing holistic, wellness experiences, carries through in all that we do at Relinque Urban Retreat & Spa.  We draw upon decades of experience to provide deeply relaxing, therapeutic treatments to improve your health and well being at a cellular level.

Letting Go

The name Relinque, comes from the word Relinquish; to surrender, to release, to let go  Whether you are seeking a blissful escape or an improvement in your general health, Relinque’s ethos and nurturing environment provides an ideal space for you to let go and allow personal transformation.