Beauty Balm – 100g


Our Beauty Balm has been inside the purses and pockets of Australian Icons and Athletes for 20 years. It is a rich regeneration treatment with a silken protective barrier of botanicals, extracts and vitamins. Ideal to soothe irritation, inflammation, uniformity and dehydration.

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Essential fatty acids are major components of all cell membranes, to which they provide permeability and elasticity. This product protects skin from invading bacteria while also accelerating the wound healing process so your skin has the best support to return to its original healthy state. It’s important to be applying moisturising agents that properly lubricate skin structure. Ultra-dehydrated skin, thickened/roughened skin conditions, mature skin types, oily skin types love this product. Being non-comedogenic it means that you can use this from tip to toe without worried about exacerbating any non-inflammatory or inflammatory congestion. Even apply it to hair before swimming in a chlorinated pool to help prevent discolouration of highlights or professional colour.