Relinque Urban Retreat & Spa offers a selection of deeply relaxing and therapeutic massage treatments that will soothe your aching muscles and improve your health and wellbeing.


Located only a few kilometres from the quiet and popular suburb of Fairfield, Relinque Urban Retreat & Spa offers local Fairfield residents an ideal opportunity to escape from the demands of their busy lifestyle and relax and unwind in our calming holistic retreat.

The massage therapist and Relinque Urban Retreat & Spa use advanced massage techniques to provide relief for your sore and aching muscles and will tailor your treatment specifically for your needs.


Signature Massage

Our therapists draw on decades of experience in therapeutic treatment to provide our profoundly relaxing signature massage.  This firm, flowing massage uses advanced massage to improve circulation, restore movement and release all tension within your body.

Deep Tissue Massage

A more focused massage designed to decrease muscle tension and restore joint mobility in those tight and chronic areas.  This firm and invigorating massage can be targeted specifically for your needs to ensure those tense and chronic areas get the attention they need.

Relax Massage

This soothing, flowing, full body massage uses light to moderate pressure to rebalance your body and calm your mind.


Hot Stone Massage

Hot basalt stones placed along your chakras, combined with long, flowing massage techniques are the perfect combination to decrease stress and restore inner peace.

Pregnancy Massage

This relaxing, full body massage supports the changes that occur during pregnancy in the mothers-to-be.