Rest and rebalance with our selection of deeply relaxing and soothing massage treatments. Our advanced massage techniques will ease muscle tension, improve circulation and restore your inner bliss.

Signature Massage

This deeply relaxing signature massage draws on decades of experience in holistic treatment incorporates therapeutic, acupressure and advanced massage techniques. Firm, flowing strokes and targeted acupressure points release all muscle tension and stress.
80 Min - $225

Deep Tissue Massage

A firm, full body massage for those tense and chronic areas within your body. Advanced massage techniques, combined with the healing properties of our body balm, detoxify and remineralise your tired and aching muscles.
50 Min - $165 / 80 Min - $225

Relaxation Massage

This divine, relaxing, full body massage uses long fluid strokes to soothe your aching muscles and lull your mind into a deep state of bliss.
50 Min - $165 / 80 Min - $225

Hot Stone Healing

Fluid massage movements and warm basalt stones, combined with an aromatherapeutic body balm provides a true escape to inner peace for body, mind and soul.
80 Min - $225

Pregnant Pause

This safe and supportive massage using rhythmic touch and a luxurious body balm, tailored to nurture the mother from pregnancy to postpartum.
50 Min - $165


Enhance your luxurious spa treatment with any of our additional 30 minute upgrade treatments.

  • Steam & Ice $55
  • Facial Therapy $95
  • Scalp Therapy $95
  • Foot Therapy $95
  • Hand Therapy $95

To upgrade your treatment, please call 9497 2058 and our friendly staff will help you create a truly memorable experience.