Copper Infused Gel – 50ml


A light and refreshing blue gel that firms and tightens skin.
Enjoy intelligent cellular strengthening and quicker healing intervention with copper mineral actives that remove damaged DNA in cellular structures and remodel the lower layers of your skin. An oil-free gel, excellent used pre & post high-tech skin treatments.

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Helps stimulate cellular turn over to reduce wrinkles, discolouration disparities and collagen production. Copper deficiency greatly increases the lipid perioxidation of lipoproteins. It increases wound healing rate, as copper is needed to form new blood vessels during angiogenesis. It ensure damaged DNA is removed from injury site. These proteins form the foundation layer of the dermis, when the foundation layer is strong and the ‘links’ aka (desmosome bridges) between tissue and cells are strong the epidermal layer is smooth, plump and elastic.

Clinical research has established that copper minerals are antioxidants and nutrients that counteract the oxidising effect of environmental particles called free radicals. Oxidation causes cellular damage, leading to premature ageing. Copper neutralises these radicals.

Great for all skin.