Vitamin A Skin Regeneration – 20ml


Youth renewal serum, excellent for a multitude of concerns, this product is essential for those with concerns like; fine lines, pigmentation, congestion, and break outs. Annually voted in office as the ‘most valuable player’ in a skincare defence regime. Our hypersensitive friendly formulation of Retinal, is converted into the bioactive Retinol by endogenous enzymes in the skin. Providing gentle and meaningful concentrations of this crucial vitamin for continued anti-ageing results.

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pH balanced and microencapsulated ensure the long life of this serum in the bottle and activity within the skin. This Vitamin A will not cause photosensitivity and is excellent for sensitive skin. Proven as one of the best anti-ageing vitamins for skin to stimulate fibroblasts, collagen, elastin, and sodium hyaluronate production. Excellent for anti-ageing and also hormonal skin types that are looking for clearer more consistently radiant skin.