pH Balance Serum – 20ml


A heavy-hitting vitamin B complex to saturate the skin in premature ageing protection. This golden tincture injects a boost of botanicals, extracts and B Vitamins B3, B5, B6 ++ to fight pigmentation development, cellular dehydration, and inflammation degeneration. B’s works to improve your skins barrier function, balance skin deficiencies and strengthen cell membranes. Ideal as a 360 degree approach for filter free confident skin.

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For those that are experiencing breakouts or post inflammatory hyperpigmentation, this serum is a must in your arsenal to fight against a sluggish healing process and a weakened skin structure post breakout. This serum will improve your protective barrier function by increasing lipids (ceramides, free fatty acids and cholesterol) within the dermis to maintain and hydrated environment. This is essential during the healing process.

The whole serum, especially vitamin B3 work to reduce trans-epidermal water loss and inflammation responses in skin. B’s are essential precursors for key metabolic co-factors NAD and NAD(P), while being a powerful antioxidant. For example, it will inhibit the evolution of melanosomes to melanin, reducing the appearance of hyperpigmentation. These co-factors are important to many enzymatic reactions in skin and influence many skin processes.